dark oak faux wood garage door with vertical windows in Dana Point after retrofit installation

Laguna Niguel CA 92677

Dark Oak Faux Wood Garage Door with Frosted Vertical Windows in Laguna Niguel, CA

before remodel- white faded long panel garage door in Dana Point


Initially, the customer's home featured a traditional white, long-raised panel steel sectional door with clear windows that had worn over time.


The Challenge

As part of a comprehensive home remodel, the customer sought to replace the old garage door with one that not only embraced a modern design aesthetic but also addressed functionality by ensuring the system met current standards for battery backup compliance.

Our Solution

We selected the CHI model 2347, which is notable for its dark oak wood-toned steel construction and innovative Planks panel design. This door was paired with polystyrene insulation and enhanced with unique frosted vertical right-edge windows to blend privacy and style. To fulfill the requirement for battery backup compliance, we upgraded the existing operating systems.

Benefits and Features

This upgrade not only brought a contemporary touch to the property's exterior but also significantly enhanced the garage door's energy efficiency and safety features. The inclusion of battery backups ensures that the door remains functional even during power outages, providing a reassuring layer of convenience and security.





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