Garage door technician on ladder working on custom 16 foot garage door

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16" RV Garage Door Maintenance in San Juan Capistrano, CA

Home in San Juan Capistrano with a 16 foot RV garage door

Custom Height Garage Door Maintenance Request

Capistrano Lock and Safe referred the customer to us for issues with their 16-foot-tall RV garage door, which wouldn't fully close and stayed inches above the ground. The customer requested a comprehensive maintenance check.

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Technicians On Site

The Challenge

On-site, our technicians found the push arm faulty, preventing the door from fully closing. This was coupled with a general lack of maintenance as the door and motor had not been serviced in years.

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Our Solution

Our technicians replaced the old bolts with higher gauge ones and switched out the regular nuts for locking nuts to enhance long-term performance. They thoroughly cleaned the door, removed spider webs and debris, and lubricated all moving parts, including hinges, rollers, bearing plates, and springs. They also checked the door balance and assessed the spring safety, identifying the 25-year-old motor as still operational but nearing the end of its life, and provided an estimate for its replacement.

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