Modern Steel Garage Doors

Are you looking for a beautiful modern garage door?

Entry Systems specializes in both modern steel garage doors and modern wood garage doors.

We have contemporary styles made of aluminum and steel for those who want to avoid dealing with the maintenance of a wood garage door.

This is an image of a glass modern garage door style option in Irvine, CA.
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    Elements of a Luxury Modern Steel Garage Door

    But what makes a modern-style garage door?

    Modern Functionality

    Some are looking to upgrade from a one-piece, or flip-up garage door might be modern enough. For example, if you have a home built in Orange County sometime between the 1960s-1990s that came with a one-piece flip-up garage door, updating your original garage door with a traditional raised panel garage door may be a more modern garage door up-to-date with garage door styles today.

    Modern Design

    For most, looking for a modern garage door means that you are looking to give your home a modern-looking curb appeal. However, your already modern home may benefit from a garage door matching that aesthetic.

    Flush Modern Garage Doors

    Flush With Texture

    This style falls in traditional or standard garage door prices, so you won't pay extra for this design.

    • No stamped panels on the face of each section.
    • Most affordable option
    • Available in all insulation types: non-insulated, vinyl back, and steel back models
    This is an image of a steel modern flush white garage door with glass.

    This white flush panel garage door looks very modern with no stamped panels, and here the homeowner chose to have the windows installed vertically instead of horizontally. They also opted to do an odd number of windows. With modern-style garage doors, you can select the number of windows you want and their placement.

    Besides liking a design with an odd number of windows, this design may be more functional if you are concerned about accidentally breaking the bottom window.

    If you have windows below the top section, we always recommend using obscure, tinted, or frosted glass because there will be complete visibility into the garage.

    Q: But why does this flush model have to have texture and not be completely smooth?

    A: All steel garage doors have texture to strengthen the steel and prevent and hide imperfections.

    We are here to help. Call for a free estimate today!

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    This is an image of a black modern flush garage door in Orange County, California,

    Flush With No Texture Or Smooth

    CHI's Sterling garage door model is an example of a smooth flush garage door. This model is a very custom, 24 gauge steel door. This door comes with stronger gauge steel than most, and the production process is quite different from traditional garage doors.

    This garage door is the epitome of luxury extravagance. It is the garage door you put on your house if you have a custom home near the coast in Newport Beach or Laguna Beach.

    Additional Options for Flush Modern Steel Garage Doors

    Another unique feature of this model is the "infinity glass." It offers a seamless, streamlined look of a glass garage door across the entire garage door instead of the framed individual windows of the traditional garage door design. You can also put this glass on just one section or on all sections to achieve an all-glass look.

    The windows on this door are offered only with tinted glass, but you can choose windows with or without cutouts. Windows with cutouts mean that light will pass through, and there will be some visibility. Without cutouts, they put the glass on top of a solid section, which is not an actual window.


    This is an image of the Sterling glass black garage door.
    This is an image of a beach home with a white glass garage door with windows.

    Modern Style Options

    Another option is that with this style, you can have no windows or windows in every section. If you choose only to have windows in one section, the manufacturer recommends putting them in the second section down from the top.

    It also comes in many custom colors. Ultimately, when somebody wants modern steel, we tell them first about the sterling, and then if the cost is prohibitive, we mention the flush with texture.

    Another way to achieve a smooth flush door would be to consider a plywood flush wood garage door painted to any custom color desired. Historically, this was the only smooth flush garage door option, but now it is less often used due to its cost and additional maintenance.

    Modern Barnhouse Garage Doors

    The modern, new farmhouse garage door design returns to the nostalgic barn-style garage door, but for contemporary homes. This look includes a stamped steel garage door in a recessed or shaker design style, and a steel or wood garage door with an overlay that provides a facade that looks like a carriage house or barn door.

    These modern contemporary garage doors are clean, sharp garage door designs that are offered in standard solid colors or woodtone colors.

    This an image of a faux natural wood garage door.

    Faux Wood Garage Doors

    CHI currently offers a 3D-printed wood grain garage door that is one of the most realistic faux wood steel garage doors on the market today. This faux wood design is a custom look available in all panel styles, from traditional to modern, but only comes with steel back insulation. No repetition exists in any wood grain designs, so they look unique to the eye.

    One of the most popular wood grain designs is the plank style garage door. This design looks like random wood boards placed horizontally across the door's surface, creating the illusion of planks coming together.

    These wood grain garage doors are available in seven colors: Walnut, Dark Oak, Driftwood, Natural Oak, Mahogany, Cedar, and Carbon Oak. See Accent Woodtones brochure at the bottom of this page for examples.

    Modern Black Garage Doors: Dark Color Options

    Many homeowners are transitioning to garage doors in darker hues, such as black, brown and dark green, similar to having an accent color wall. Modern black garage doors are especially in vogue right now, especially in black glass.

    This trend draws a new focus to the garage door, making it pop in the place where a lighter color is usually expected. Homeowners often will change their white garage doors to a dark one, and then go dark with their windows, shutters, porch lights, front doors, etc. to make a strong contrasting statement.

    It is now possible to choose a garage door with any custom colors desired. You can choose from Sherwin Williams color zone, powder-coated colors, and many more!

    View our latest black garage door install project >

    This is an image of a black garage door on a brick home.
    This is an image of a faux wood steel garage doors with windows in a contemporary style.

    Modern Windows

    Modern garage door windows typically have no insert or design in them. In the past, windows were always installed horizontally, which still can work for modern designs, but now vertical design options are available. For a modern look, we recommend changing your glass style to specialty glass such as obscure, tinted, or frosted glass versus standard clear glass.

    Another easy way to make your home more modern is to simply remove outdated window design inserts from the garage door. Removing the wagon wheel or sunray can transform your garage door from a house built in the 1990s to a clean, more modern look.

    Removing or adding windows in general, can also drastically change the home's appearance.

    Panel Design

    Simply switching your garage door design from a short panel to a long panel can make your home look more modern. The short or colonial style is a traditional design that may be necessary if you have a strict HOA.

    But even changing the panel design from the square short panels to the rectangles or long panels can create a design that is less busy, more simple and clean looking.

    This is a recessed white long panel garage door.

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