Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Orange County Garage Door and Gate Services


How do I program my car to my Liftmaster garage door operator?

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How do I program my Liftmaster remote to my garage door operator?

Select the color learn button found on your operator:
(This can usually be found behind the light cover)

Manuals are listed below:

Yellow Learn Button - Download Guide (PDF)

Purple Learn Button - Download Guide (PDF)

Orange/Red Learn Button - Download Guide (PDF)

Green Learn Button - Download Guide (PDF)

Or select the model if you have one of the following::

375LM Universal Remote - Download Guide (PDF)

895MAX Remote - Download Guide (PDF)

How do I program my Genie remote to my garage door operator?

Select the model you would like to program:

Genie Intellicode I Remotes - Download Guide (PDF)

Genie Intellicode II Remotes - Download Guide (PDF)

Genie Dipswitch Remotes - Download Guide (PDF)

How do I program my Liftmaster keyless entry to my garage door operator?

Select the type of Keyless Entry you would like to program:

377LM Keyless Entry- Download Guide (PDF)

387LM Universal Keyless Entry - Download Guide (PDF)

877MAX Keyless Entry- Download Guide (PDF)

How do I program my Genie keyless entry to my garage door operator?

Select the type of Keyless Entry you would like to program:

Genie Intellicode Keyless Entry - Newest Version - Download Guide (PDF)

Genie Intellicode Keyless Entry - Recent Version - Download Guide (PDF)

Genie Intellicode Keyless Entry - Old Version - Download Guide (PDF)

Genie Dipswitch Keyless Entry - Download Guide (PDF)

How do I program my car to my garage door operator?

Here are step by step instructions based on your operator model and type of car.

Why won’t my garage door close?

One of the most common problems is the misalignment of the electric eye sensors. There may also be something in front of them, they may have been knocked out of alignment, they may have cobweb build up in the lenses, or a pet or rodent might have chewed the wires.

Why does my garage door go up a couple feet and stop?

You may have a broken spring which causes the garage door to be excessively heavy or your garage door operator may need servicing.

Why is my garage door so noisy?

The most common reasons include equipment needing lubrication, worn out parts and a garage door that is out of balance. Annual maintenance is recommended and will allow your garage door to run as smoothly and quietly as possible.

How often should I have preventative maintenance performed on my garage door or automatic gate?

Preventative maintenance should be performed once a year in order to prevent inconvenient or potentially dangerous situations. We offer annual, biannual, and quarterly maintenance contracts.

Does my remote have a battery and what kind is it?

Yes, all remotes have either a 12 Volt, 9 Volt, or 3 Volt battery. Average battery lifetime is 5 years.

What do I do if there is a power outage?

With the door closed, pull the emergency release cord and operate the door by hand.

With a Liftmaster  model 8550 or 3800, you have the option of installing a battery backup system which will allow the door to function as normal, even when the power is out.

Why is my garage door operator beeping?

Either there is no power to the garage door operator or the battery backup has failed.

How long does the average garage door operator last?

The average garage door operator lasts 10-15 years. This is based on regular wear and tear.

Why is my garage door so heavy?

The springs either need to be adjusted or replaced. Springs counterbalance the weight of the garage door. When a repair is needed, the garage door will have trouble going up or down.

Wood Garage Door FAQ:

Can a door be made from a picture I found online?


Can I draw a picture of what I want my door to look like and you can make it?


Does the door come stained or painted from the manufacturer?


Do you stain or paint the doors?


Do you have referrals for quality painters?


Can my door have windows?


Does it have to have windows?


If I find a picture of a painted grade door that I like can I get it in stain grade or vice versa?


Are wood doors heavier than steel doors?

Yes, but the springs counterbalance the weight.

Can I pick any type of wood I like for my door?

Yes but the price will change.

What wood is used for my stain grade door if I don’t specify?

Western Red Cedar Clear

Can I get a paint grade door made of cedar?

Yes, but it is still stain grade and will be more expensive than a paint grade version.

How long does it take to get a wood door from when I give a deposit?

Typically 4-6 weeks.

Can I still get a rail and stile door?


Can I still buy a one piece/flip up door?

Yes, but they are full custom in design.

Does the door come with decorative hardware?


Can I add decorative hardware?


Do wood doors have a bottom weatherstrip?

Yes, a thick black rubber seal that is attached directly to the bottom of the door.

Do wood doors have a doorstop or weatherseal along the sides and top of the door?

Yes, you can use cedar or vinyl doorstop.

Why would I want a wood door over a steel door?

Wood doors are handmade and carry more prestige. 

Do steel doors look like wood doors?

Paint grade wood doors look very similar to steel doors. A trained eye will notice the wood door’s sharp edges on the panels whereas the steel door has rounded edges on the panels.

Do steel doors with a wood grain finish really look like stain grade doors?

Steel doors will always have a glossy UV protection, clear coat and some individuals believe they will always look faux. Steel doors with a wood grain finish have come a long way because of Dual Directional painting as well as 3D printing but they will never look as good as the real thing.

Can I get a door that looks like the wood is reclaimed wood?

Yes, old barn house wood is used on some wood doors for an extra fee.

How do I pick out the right wood door for my home?

The first question to ask is what look am I going with for my home or what type of door supports my home’s design. Is my home designed to look like Cape Cod, like a Cottage, Spanish, or Modern? Next you look at pictures either online or in brochures.

How long does it take to get a quote for a wood door?

Our manufacturer’s generally give us a quote within 24 hours.

Is a wood door installed by one person?

We always send two installers for a wood door because of the weight.

Why would I switch to a steel door if I currently have wood?

The materials for wood doors are significantly more expensive because the door is made by hand by skilled craftsmen. Because the door is made of more expensive materials and weighs more, two installers are required for installation. Wood doors require repainting or staining whereas steel doors come pre painted with a UV protection, clear coat and will not need to be repainted.

Will wood doors make my home look more expensive?

Garage doors in general have a 90% return on their investment. Wood doors are custom and made of fine materials.