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Josh S.
Great company to work with. Any issues with your garage door or gate I would give them a call. This is my 3rd experience with them and its always a pleasure.
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Amanda Passwater
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Bruce Wright
Customer care and satisfaction is the driving motivation of Entry Systems.
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Ted Kiem
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Wendy Shahine
David is a professional and courteous tech. He came in ahead of the appointment time in spite of the pouring rain and the cold. He even said if it’s not a good time for you I will come back later. He fixed our garage door and changed the sensors. He went above and beyond to make sure the garage door was working properly and well lubricated before he left. He even programmed a new fob for me and changed the light bulb. I would absolutely recommend Entry Systems Garage Doors and specifically David!
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Meha Harthill
Quality service
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Tony Yang
Ronnie showed up right on time and did a great job repairing broken springs and drive unit. Very happy with the results. Highly recommend.
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Jose Suttle
Excellent service and very knowledgeable. Quick and easy process to get our door fixed. Thanks!
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Lynnette Murga
Professional and seamless from putting in the order with Amber to installation. Very happy with our new garage door so Great job thank you !
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Eric A. Laine
No games - just a straightforward process from beginning to end. Excited about my wi-fi garage door opener.

Looking For Gate Repair Service?

Did you move into a home with driveway gates that don't function properly? Is your gate remote or keypad not working? Text us a picture for a free estimate for automated gate repair or replacement.

For over fifty years, Entry Systems has been dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are here to solve all your automatic gate repair needs with no hidden fees, with maintenance and inspection included every time!

Entry Systems Garage Doors and Gates is dedicated to servicing residential and commercial gate opener systems, including sliding and swinging gate systems.

We have technicians who will work for your commercial building or home within hours. We repair motorized gates, sometimes called automatic gates, or driveway gates. In addition, we can design and install a new garage door.

This is an image of a wood swing automatic gate in front of a residential home.


We strive to save room in our schedule to make emergency jobs our priority. If your gate is not working, we will do everything we can to provide service to you as soon as possible– with no additional fees.


When our trained technician arrives, he will listen to your specific needs, help diagnose the issue and make preventative recommendations after completing a full safety inspection.


We service all major gate operator brands and offer new opener replacements. We are authorized dealers for Liftmaster, DoorKing, All-O-Matic, Dorene, Ramset, Eagle, Max, and Viking.


We are here to help. Call for gate repair today!

Our gate repair service technicians are available for immediate service.

Common Automated Gate Repairs Include:

Broken Or Loose Chain On The Gate Motor

A broken chain is usually due to rust, perhaps because it was sitting in water, lawn sprinklers, irrigation or landscaping issues, or the proximity to the ocean. Chains break primarily due to rust, and the metal naturally fatigues over time.

A chain can stretch over time, so if the automatic gate chain is loose, something mechanical has shifted, or it was installed or tightened improperly. However, it's usually wear and tear, water-related, or rusting.

Automatic Gate Slams Shut

Automatic gates slam shut primarily when mechanical issues keep the security gate from holding its adjustment or limits (how far it goes open or closed). For slide gates, in particular, the chain may be too loose to hold its adjustment.

Automatic security gate doesn’t open fully, or the gate does not open at all, or the gate is stuck closed

The residential gate may not be operating correctly due to a faulty adjustment. The driveway gate can be at a slight incline, so it doesn't have the power to pull it up the last few inches. Usually, it's adjustment-related, or something may be worn out.

A gate that doesn't open at all can be due to power, battery failure, or a charging issue. Devices such as keypads, remotes, or telephone entry systems could be set up incorrectly, or they somehow got unprogrammed, or the connection between the devices is not being received. When a gate is stuck closed, it can be something similar or an error reading.

Poor gate remote/clicker range

The poor range can be due to the wrong type of receiver. The remote controls are programmed to the receiver, sending a signal to open the gate. Receivers for residential gates may not be as good, and one can switch to a grade of receiver for commercial gates. These are called coax cables, meaning they have an external receiver antenna, and the higher you can place the antennae, the better for the remote. The receiver for residential gates may be inside a box, behind the gate, or behind the wall so that an external receiver might extend the range. There also may be external interference from several factors, the most common being LED lights, so changing the frequency can also fix the issue.

Remotes go bad over time due to usage, dropping them, and the batteries go bad after a few years, so changing them out may fix the issue.


Gate Keypad Does Not Work

Gate keypads are usually battery-powered and wireless, or electrically powered. We first suggest checking the battery to see if it needs to be replaced, next check the programming, and then checking to see if the outside keypad needs to be replaced due to its age. If it is an electrical keypad, it can be the transformer that powers the keypad or the keypad itself that's failed.

Damage From Vehicle Collision

The best option to avoid damage from vehicle collision is the installation of ground loops. These are cut into concrete or asphalt, and the wires are installed to create a large metal detector so the driveway gate will not close on your car. If you are creating a custom setup, it is possible to place these under the concrete, called a preformed loop, and build your driveway on top of it. The preformed loops can also be put under pavers prior to them being laid.

To avoid vehicle collisions, one must install the correct safety features. If damage has occurred, sometimes it is possible to replace or repair a section of the gate.

Damaged Swing Arms

If you have a concrete pad-mounted gate operator, the gate arms can be damaged if someone pushes the front of the gate. Also, some gates have arms mounted to them, called Linear actuators, such as the LA500 or the Miracle gate operators have arms that mount on the driveway gate itself and often get hit by vehicles.

Telephone Entry System Is Not Ringing Home Properly

A wired keypad may also have bad wires, a bad transformer, a phone line issue, or a programming issue.

This is an image of a car entering a property through an automatic gate system.

Iron Welding Or Gate Repair Services

Entry Systems does minor repairs on iron gates when it is related to the operator. Often people call us because the gate electronics are the most complex aspects of security gates, and then we help coordinate any ironwork needed.

Like us, most driveway gate repair specialists do not make their gates. They partner with a welding, fence, or rod iron welding company that makes fences, pedestrian, and iron gates. There is also a division between small and large job iron workers, with some companies that will do both. They fabricate, manufacture, and install all the gates on your home, including pedestrian gates, driveway gates, and fences. Other companies are specifically welding companies that specialize in small projects such as adding a new post or design on automated entry gates.

Adjusting And Resetting The Opening And Closing Of The Limits

A limit is how far open and closed a gate travels. We tell the gate operator what type of gate is operating on its system. A professional should do this because if it is not done well, the gate can slam when it closes or won't close all the way. If done improperly when it opens, it will not open all the way or extend too far beyond the gate opening. Limit adjustment calculations depend on the manufacturer, model, and brand. Some slide and swing gates have cams and limit switches that are finger adjusted. Most newer gate operators use digital circuit boards, which are programmed and locked in with a learn or smart button.

Complete Gate Opener Replacement

This is also known as a gate operator. Manufacturers recommend replacement after twenty years, as the older models do not have all the required safety features nor the latest improvements in technology and functionality. Gate operator installation typically takes 1-3 days, depending on the size of the job. These are typically special ordered for the custom jobs. Check out our gate operator page for examples of current models available.

Diagnosis Of, Repair, Or Replacement Of Logic Boards

If your gate's logic or circuit board goes bad, you must replace it. It is the brain of the entire system, and it may no longer understand signals from the gate operator. Occasionally there may be a manufacturer that provides a service where we can ship the board back, and they will repair it.

This is an image of a car entering a property through an automatic gate system.

Automatic Gate Repair Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put my automatic gates in manual?

If you need to manually open the gate the first thing you'll want to do is grab your owner's manual. It's always best to have a formal training by your gate repair company. Many gate operators come with a manual release key that when inserted and turned the gate will be able to be moved by hand. If you have a slide gate operator the fastest option is removing the nut on the chain adjusting bolt that attaches to the chain. This will make it so you can move the gate by hand. Some swing gate openers have red lever handles and simply lifting the lever will loosen the hub enough to make it so you can move the gate by hand.

Why is my electric gate not working?

If your electric gate is not working correctly, the cause may be mechanical, electrical, programming, or user error.

The first thing to check is to ensure there is power. Did someone turn off the breaker, or did it trip? Check to see if the wire in the conduit has gone bad or failed or if the conduit is full of water. It could also be that whatever you are using to open the gate has failed; either your remotes or your receiver have gone bad. There also can be something wrong with the access control components such as the keypad or the programming. The wire from the keypad that sends the gate a signal to open can also go bad. It can also be a failure within the circuit board, a failure in the actual motor component in the gate operator, or a blown capacitor in the motor. It is possible that resetting the motor will work to bring it back into operation.

Why is my electric gate stuck open?

If it is a community gate or commercial gate is stuck open, it is possible that an emergency service vehicle, such as a fire department or Orange County sheriff, had a call and used the key switch called a Knox Switch and may have left the key in the on position. When an automatic gate is stuck open, it is often a safety device that may be malfunctioning. The gate is trying to prevent someone from becoming hurt or trapped. For example, a photo eye or beam that prevents impact from occurring might be affected by rats chewing through the wires, leaves, or debris gathering in the operator box or along the v-tracks of a sliding gate. Because the electric gate system is located outside, the problem often occurs due to weather, animal, or landscape issues.

When it is mechanical, it may be due to things opening and getting jammed or stuck. If it is a sliding electric gate, it may have run over something and popped it off the track.

Why is my electric gate stuck closed?

An electric gate can be stuck closed due to a programming issue. You may be entering the wrong code at the wrong time, or the remote or receiver may have gone bad. The motor may not have closed properly and has an error reading. The circuit board may have an error telling the gate motor not to move until the problem has been resolved. When a security gate is stuck shut, it can also be a power issue, the batteries may have died, and the electricity may be down without you knowing.

How do you troubleshoot an automatic gate opener?

To troubleshoot an automatic gate opener, you must first understand what the system is doing or is not doing.

  1. Understand and survey the components and the installation
  2. Gather all required manuals
  3. Isolate all the individual parts
  4. Systematically test each component
  5. Determine a corrective action plan
  6. Take steps to eliminate or repair the problem.

However, we do not recommend opening a gate operator unless you are a professional. It is possible to touch the wrong component, get electrocuted, or injure oneself.


Can a gate motor be repaired?

Yes, a driveway gate motor can absolutely be repaired. However, we at Entry Systems refer to a gate motor as a gate operator. A gate operator is a chassis made of metal that the motor component is attached to, along with circuit boards, a gearbox, and other equipment. So, an operator can be repaired, but an automatic gate motor within the operator cannot be repaired. However, the most commonly needed automatic gate repairs are usually an adjustment related to automatic gate belts, circuit boards, and other operator components. Automatic gate motors are typically expensive, as they are high-voltage items that get a lot of usages. Plus, it is weighted to be outside, made up of costly components, and requires expertise for installation.

A security gate repair is typically the best route unless the equipment is over twenty years old. Our suppliers and manufacturers recommend replacing any gate operator twenty years or older because they do not have the proper safety requirements.

However, another reason someone may want to try an electric gate repair is that when a gate operator is replaced, you will often need to buy additional gate safety equipment. This is similar to the idea that you don't have to add a seatbelt to an antique car, but if you get a new one, it must have a seatbelt. This can be referred to as a vintage exception. If you replace an automatic gate operator, it now has to have additional safety devices, which need to be brought up to code. Even though the older gates may not have these, we recommend them. We will not put a new gate operator on an unsafe gate.

How long do automatic gate motors last?

Automated gate motors (automatic gate operators, electric gate openers, etc.) typically last between fifteen and twenty years. It is essential to realize that driveway gates, like most hardware and appliances, are becoming more computer-based, which may mean that the life expectancy will not be as long because there are fewer and fewer components that you can replace, and those components may be more expensive.

Sometimes customers choose to replace their driveway gate operators because they want the newest technology, such as solar power or battery backup systems. There are now automatic gate automation systems with smart home integration and the ability to monitor from their phone anywhere. This makes it so you always know what position your gate is in and can open it or close it from anywhere.

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