Custom Spanish Style Wood Garage Door Design Gallery

Entry Systems provides Spanish or Mediterranean style garage doors to homeowners in Orange County, California.

Since 1972 we have helped transform homes and create aesthetically pleasing garages. Our professionals can handle this job quickly & reliably, with a variety of different styles available which look stunning on Spanish and Mediterranean home designs.

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This is an image of a Spanish wood garage door in Laguna Hills, CA.

Spanish, Tuscany, or Mediterranean Style Garage Door Specifications

Spanish-style homes are inspired by the beautiful architectural elements of Spanish and Italian homes defined by dense hardwood, terra cotta roofs, distressed wood, and dark, deep rich tones and colors.

Spanish garage doors that complement and blend seamlessly with this home style include arched openings, decorative hardware, wire brushing, and vintage wood.

Southern California, particularly Orange County, features many beautiful Spanish-style garage doors.

After the Spaniards built Mission San Juan Capistrano, generations later were inspired to build new homes in this Spanish style.

Today's options combine classic design inspired by European chic for Spanish-style homes of any age, from historic to modern.

These collections offer a sophisticated and elegant legacy of historic architecture.

A Spanish Colonial style house is known for its white painted walls, terracotta roofs, balconies with wrought iron, and glazed pots with lush green plants in bright florals.

When creating custom garage doors using Spanish Colonial styling, we include elements such as decorative iron clavos, and rustic wood from trees like Alder and Rough Cedar that we distress to capture the glamour of the Spanish Colonial era.

Custom Build Spanish Garage Doors For Custom Homes

You can customize any new wood garage door to create a distressed, antique look.

We work with homeowners to determine what degree this is desired: including light, moderate, and heavy refinement.

Rustic woods are often used for their design properties, and then afterward, staining the garage door will enhance both the color and the unique look of the door.

As the stain soaks into the garage door's pores, there will be darker parts that show texture variation, emphasizing divets.

This is an image of a distressed wood garage door in Laguna Beach, CA.

If your garage door openings have arches, we can add a custom arch to your door design so they run parallel to your home's style, creating an integrative layout.

Square openings, which are more common, can also have arched garage doors or a random arch, giving a standard opening a more custom look.

This is an image of a wood Spanish style garage door in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Another specific detail on garage doors for Spanish-style homes is a double post in the center of the garage door, which gives the illusion that the doors swing out from the center.

However, what is unique about Spanish style garage doors is how customizable they are, as you can add additional posts, horizontal lines, windows, and smaller pieces of glass.

Feel free to send us a picture, and we can complement the existing elements of your house.

Then, we will work up a CAD drawing for you and modify the illustration until it meets your specifications.

Unique Wood Garage Door Decorative Hardware

The best garage door for a Spanish style house utilizes decorative hardware.

This added detail creates interest and complexity, further creating an illusion of the beauty of an old-world design with a historical depth of detail.

This is a spanish garage door with custom hardware.

Custom decorative hardware uses heavy-duty, high-quality materials to give the illusion that it is possible to pull a handle, use a hinge, and that clavos are holding doors together.

Grips on these garage doors are one of the main decorative hardware elements and are commonly referred to as door pulls, knockers, ring handles, ring pulls, and simple handles.

Next, hinges or straps are typically mounted on the outer edges of the doors, generally close to the top and bottom, alluding that these are the actual hinges that the doors swing out on.

Finally, speakeasy grills or windows give the illusion of a tiny, secretive opening in the door.

This is a picture of a spanish garage door in Newport Beach, CA.

Consider Patina Nails, Florets or Aged Metal Accents

Adding clavos (Spanish for nails) creates an illusion that an artisan has put nails into the wooden boards.

This ornate option takes a wood garage door to the next level of luxury.

Florets such as metal flower designs, bullseyes, or disks can be attached to panels to create a beautiful custom look.

Including three-dimensional pyramids or domes also create visual interest.

Integrating the use of an aged metal or green patina to the bottom of your garage door can also create a custom look as if a horse and buggy might ride by.

This is an image of a Spanish style wood garage door with decorative designs in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Wood Options For Custom Garage Door Design

Any wood species can be used to create a Spanish style garage door, but historically the most commonly used type is Clear Western Red Cedar.

Other popular options include African Mahogany, Black Walnut, and Oak. Images of all wood grain and wire brush options are on our Wood Grain page.

Remember that we can stain all wood in any color, so if you prefer grain styles of a specific type, you can stain that wood to a darker or lighter color and even use a clear coat for protection so that the natural coloring shows through.

A custom wood garage door will include energy-efficient insulation, yet these garage doors are not solid wood but an overlay of wood over an insulated box.

Including insulation makes the door lighter and helps the garage temperature regulate in the summer and winter.

One design element option is a repeated pattern.

The below image shows a garage door made out of plywood, with a Cedar overlay.

Entry Systems can match your preexisting gates, front doors, and shutters.

This is an image of a Spanish style garage door with repeated patterns in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.l


As you choose your design, elements that add value can include:

  • The size of the door.
  • Species of wood.
  • Amount of decorative hardware.
  • The addition of windows.
  • Type of glass used.
  • The addition of an arch.
This is an image of a Spanish style garage door in San Clemente, CA.

This door includes inlay copper, steel, paint grade metal, and a pyramid panel instead of a standard raised panel.


In conclusion, in Orange County, California, villa-style homes are popular.

Many coastal properties are Mediterranean Revival style with Mediterranean-style accents and similar types of architecture dating to the 16th century.

Entry Systems can help you create custom garage doors to match your Spanish style entry doors or Spanish style wood gates. We would love to help you find the right door and assist you in its installation for your home, and we can even provide repair service for your garage door when that is needed.