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Our team of experts can help you find the right parts and garage door accessories for your specific needs. We understand garage doors are an important part of your home's security and functionality, so we pride ourselves on offering high-quality products and exceptional service. We have garage door opener replacements, garage door opener remote parts (batteries), and both gate and garage door remotes. Our inventory is constantly updated to ensure we have the latest and greatest products available. Whether you're a homeowner, contractor, or property manager, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right parts and accessories for your garage door or driveway gate.

We carry a variety of top brands, including:

  • LiftMaster Chamberlain
  • Genie
  • Genie Intellicode
  • Linear
  • Marantec
  • Multicode
  • Wayne Dalton
  • Sears Craftsman
  • and more! Universal options are also always available.


Garage Door Remote Programming Videos

How far does a garage clicker work?

This depends on the age of the remote and the technology. Typically, a garage door opener remote should work about fifteen feet at the end of your driveway. Newer generation equipment now comes with a more extended range, so some remotes may work thirty feet away. Usually, you need to be on the driveway at the minimum, but if you can be on the street in front of your driveway, that is acceptable.

This video teaches how to program your car to your garage door opener or motor.

First, make sure that your car has the buttons for what is typically called a Homelink. It could be under the sun visor flap or the mirror; look for three buttons.

Next, take a remote control opener or clicker that is already programmed and currently works on your garage door.

Decide which button you want to program on. For example, choose the middle button. When you press the button right now, it flashes slowly, which is the goal; you need it to do that for this step. If you press it and it is solid or flashes fast, hold it down until it flashes slow, which can take up to thirty seconds.

Once it flashes slowly, take the remote that currently works and press the button simultaneously as you hold the one on the visor, and it will start blinking fast. When it starts to flash twice as quickly, that button has now turned into the remote. With newer cars, you might be able to press the button to test it and see the garage door move. If that works, the programming is finished.

If it doesn't, the next step is to find your garage door opener or motor where your LEARN or programming button is. They come in multiple different colors. Now go from your motor to your car, press the LEARN  button on your motor once, and release. Please don't hold it down; you will wipe out the memory.

Now, you will have thirty seconds to walk back to your car and press and hold the button we just programmed, and while holding it down, it will contact your LEARN button. What will happen on your Liftmaster motor is that the lights will then blink once and turn off.

Once it has done that, press the button in your car again, and you will see your garage door move.

Are you still stuck? Call us today to have a professional garage door technician come out and program your cars and do annual maintenance on your equipment!

How much does it cost to replace a garage remote?

Garage door remote costs usually range from $30-$60 depending on the brand, style, number of buttons, and what the remote is capable of, whether it is universal or has cloning capabilities.

Table of Contents

    What should I do if I lose a garage door remote?

    If you lose a garage door remote or believe it may have been stolen, it is essential to erase the memory on your machine. To do this, if you have a dipswitch machine, you can change a couple of switches and change the switches on your remote to match. Suppose you have a smart or learn button or rolling code (which all have been for over twenty years). In that case, you are going to typically hold down the learn button on the motor for about ten seconds and then test the remote and see that all the buttons have been erased and then introduce each button to the motor one by one by pressing the button on the machine and then pressing the remote. It is important to erase the memory when concerned about theft because that may mean someone may have access to your garage.

    Most Common Garage Door & Gate Remotes Available


    Top models include: 371LM, 374UT, 375UT, 380UT, 891LM, 892LT, 893MAX, 894LT, 971LM


    Top models include: G3T-BX, GK-BX, G1T-BX

    and more!

    Other models include: Linear DT-1, Marantec 122436, Multicode 3089, and Universal options!


    How do I know what remote to buy for my garage door opener?

    First, start with what brand your garage door opener is by checking the owner's manual or calling a garage door professional. If you have a Liftmaster, the easiest way is to check the color of the smart or learn button. The manuals explain that if you have a green, orange, yellow, or purple learn button, this is the replacement remote control you need. If you call us, we can also give this information to you. One suggestion is to buy a universal remote compatible with any of a manufacturer's products.

    Example of a garage door programming LEARN button on Liftmaster, purple is shown.

    Smart Garage Door Opener Remotes

    Is there a device that lets you know your garage door is open?

    Yes, in the past, Liftmaster sold the garage door monitor, requiring you to be at home to check the status, but since 2012, the MyQ app connects to your home's internet to see if your garage door is open or closed. Genie came out with Aladdin later, and other brands now have similar apps. If you do not have a newer motor with this built-in, it is possible to retrofit your motor with an add-on product from Liftmaster and Genie. For example, for Liftmaster motors aged 1999-2011, you can add a new wall button called an 889LM and an internet gateway 828LM, which makes your previous older motor capable of connecting to the app. If you have a motor 2012 or newer, you may only need the 828LM or you may already be able to easily add the MyQ app.

    This is an image of a smart phone app made by Liftmaster that can allow someone to know the status of their garage door while they are on vacation.

    Are smart home garage door openers safe?

    Yes, smart home garage door openers are the safest. They have encryption capabilities that often avoid false openings, and the rolling code LEARN systems make it so that it is not a code that someone can write down or duplicate or change with switches and change it, but it is much more secure. Because you can have apps on your cell phone that notify you anytime it opens or closes, it gives you a better ability to track security.

    Will my smart garage door opener work if the power goes out?

    When battery backup garage door openers came out in 2006 and became law in 2019 in California, only certain models came with a battery backup that give you the ability to use your motor without electricity.

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    Programming Garage Door Clickers

    This is an image of a Liftmaster garage door remote.

    Can you program any garage door remote to any garage door?

    No, it must be brand-specific or universal.

    How do I program my garage door opener clicker?

    If you have very old equipment, you will find dipswitches that you match from the garage door motor to the garage door remote. If you have a motor from the last twenty-five years or more recently, it will typically have a learn button or smart button, which could be black, but most are multicolored that indicate the age of the motor.

    What are the three or four buttons on the garage door opener?

    Most professional garage door remote models will come with more than one button if you have additional garage doors at your home. If they have a similar model, it is also possible to program the other buttons to a relative or friend's garage. Extra buttons can also be programmed to other homes you may own with the same motor and generation.

    How do I program my car without a remote?

    It is not possible to program your car without a transmitter; it must always connect through a remote.

    Garage Door Opener Replacements

    This is an image of a Genie garage door keychain remotes.

    Do replacement garage door remotes work?

    Yes, as long as it is a universal remote control, it is unnecessary to research ahead of time. However, universal remotes can be more expensive, so if you can figure out what remote came with it or is compatible, you can potentially pay less.

    Universal Garage Door Opener Remotes

    Is there such a thing as a universal garage door opener?

    Yes. There are universal garage door opener remotes available by Liftmaster. These include models 380UT and 374UT (keychain), which work on all major brands and dipswitch remotes, so they are very versatile. They can be used when you buy a new garage door motor, as well as older ones. Liftmaster Chamberlain also carries universal for Liftmaster, which means that they are backward compatible so that you don't have to have more than one remote when there are different ages of motors. For example, if one motor is ten years old and you also have a new one, you would have to have two separate remotes and multiple buttons if you don't have Universal by Liftmaster Chamberlain. The most popular Universal by Liftmaster is the 893MAX. Genie also has universal overhead door garage door opener remotes available.

    This is an image of a a mini garage door keychain remove.

    Are all garage door remotes compatible?

    No, most garage door remotes are incompatible because most brands change their frequency and security every few years. For example, Liftmaster has been on the same remote control for the last ten years, and Genie has been on the same remote control for the last twenty years. But if you have different brands, a Genie remote control will not work on a Liftmaster garage door opener remote unless it is a universal remote control. When you buy the motor brand new, they do not come with universal remotes.

    Will any universal garage door remote work?

    Most of the universal garage door opener remotes include most major brands, so it depends on whether your motor is common. If it is an uncommon motor, it may not work.

    Garage Door Transmitters

    Is the garage remote the transmitter or receiver? What is the transmitter on a garage door opener?

    A garage door remote is the transmitter; a receiver is typically built into the motor and is part of the circuit board unless it is over thirty years old, and the receiver was an add-on wired part. A transmitter, remote, or garage door clicker are all the same item.

    Can the transmitter go bad in garage door opener?

    Yes, transmitters or remotes definitely can go bad, but we have also seen them for the last thirty years. Manufacturers recommend replacing the battery every five years. Often, when your remote does not work, only your battery has died, so try to change that first. Next, try reprogramming the remote; it is possible that somehow the memory was erased.

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