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Natural Oak Faux Wood Modern Planks Garage Door with Vertical Edge Windows in San Clemente, CA

white carriage garage door in san clemente ca before replacement


The homeowner was dealing with a white, aging steel sectional garage door featuring a short panel, stamped carriage house design and cathedral windows. As it began showing signs of wear, they desired more modern aesthetics for its replacement.


The Challenge

The primary challenge was the homeowner's desire to transition from the traditional white carriage house design to a more contemporary style garage door that would rejuvenate the home's exterior. Additionally, the existing operating system needed an upgrade to enhance functionality and reliability.

Solution: Installing a Faux Wood Oak Garage Door

We chose the CHI model 2347 garage door to meet the homeowner's needs, renowned for its durability and stylish appearance. This model mimics the warm, inviting look of natural oak wood while offering the benefits of modern materials:

Material and Design

The door is crafted from steel but boasts a wood-toned finish that replicates natural oak's rich texture and color, perfect for those seeking the beauty of wood without maintenance. The planks design of the door adds a contemporary touch, making it a significant upgrade from the traditional stamped carriage house style for the desired modern aesthetic.

Insulation and Windows

Our focus on energy efficiency led us to incorporate polystyrene insulation, a feature that significantly improves the door's thermal performance. The garage will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, helping reduce energy consumption. The tinted vertical edge windows enhance privacy and contribute to the door's modern look, allowing natural light while protecting against UV rays.

Operating System Upgrade

To complement the new door, we installed the LiftMaster 98022 jackshaft system, a top-seller known for its smooth operation and advanced security features. This system is ideal for homeowners looking for cutting-edge technology and ease of use.

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