dark oak planks garage door installation after photo in Garden Grove

Garden Grove CA 92840

Dark Oak Faux Wood Modern Planks Garage Door in Garden Grove, CA

white long panel garage door installation before photo in Garden


The homeowner's garage was equipped with a traditional white, long raised panel steel sectional door that had served its purpose but was beginning to show signs of wear due to age.


The Challenge

Seeking a fresh, contemporary look, the homeowner wanted to upgrade to a garage door that not only improved the aesthetic appeal of their home but also aligned with modern design trends. They desired a faux wood garage door with a Planks panel design and tinted windows to enhance privacy and style.

Our Solution

In response to the customer's requirements, we selected model 2327 from CHI, a premium faux wood garage door in a dark oak wood tone. This door is constructed from durable steel but offers wood's warm, inviting appearance with its planks panel design, perfectly blending modern style with functionality. We incorporated polystyrene insulation to improve thermal efficiency and reduce noise, while the tinted windows provided the desired privacy and added a distinctive touch to the overall design.




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