Custom wood garage door created to match broken garage door in Ladera Ranch - after image

Ladera Ranch CA 92694

Traditional Short Panel Steel Garage Door Installation with Centered Windows in Ladera Ranch, CA

Grey garage door broken in Ladera Ranch before replacement with cracks


The customer's home featured a custom gray painted Rail & Stile short panel wood sectional door with windows strategically placed in the middle row. Unfortunately, a vehicle damaged the door and required a full replacement to restore the aesthetic and functional integrity of the garage.


The Challenge

The homeowner wished to replicate the exact design of the damaged door to ensure consistency with the other existing garage doors on the property. The requirements included maintaining the short, raised panel design and the middle-row window placement. Additionally, the customer planned to have the door painted in a custom gray shade to match the exact color scheme of the other doors.

Our Solution

To meet the customer's precise needs, we selected model 2250 from CHI, a white-colored steel sectional door in the short, raised panel design with clear windows in the designated middle row. This model mirrors the original door's design elements and enhances durability with its steel construction.

As part of our comprehensive service, we ensured that the existing operating system was reconnected and fully compliant with current safety standards. This approach not only maintained the functionality of the garage door system but also prioritized your safety, allowing for the door to be custom painted externally to match the home's unique aesthetic.

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