After image of white garage door install in Coto de Caza.

Coto de Caza CA 92679

CHI 5216 Short Panel Carriage Garage Door with Stockton Windows Installation in Coto de Caza, CA

Before image of white garage door install in Coto de Caza.


The doors we replaced were original to the home from the late 1980's. They were paint grade, rail and stile doors with sunray windows. You can see the doorstop seal around the perimeter needed replacement as well.


The Challenge

Replacing these paint-grade wood doors with steel doors will make it so they never have to repaint the door whereas before the doors needed to be painted every 5-7 years because of the temperatures in Coto de Caza and sun exposure. They kept the short panel design, but by switching to the stamped carriage option, we now have a more carriage house/cottage look instead of the plain old standard stock garage door. These doors were non-insulated with single-pane glass, but the new doors include the highest insulation available and insulated dual-pane windows, which will help a lot with keeping the temperature in the garage and the upstairs cooler and closer to the temperature of the rest of the home. The switch from Sunray windows to Stockton design gives the home a much different look and seems to match the home better because all the other windows are square and not arched.

Our Solution

Here we went with CHI's Model 5216. This is a stamped carriage garage door with short panels and Stockton oversized windows. This door is polyurethane insulated and comes with insulated windows. This will be very helpful in Coto De Caza w,here the temperatures get very high during the summer. The Spade handles and hinges are a nice decorative touch. We also went with high cycle springs so that the springs would last 2.5x longer. We went with the most modern garage door openers available: Liftmaster's new 98022, which recently replaced the 8500w. These doors will be much smoother, quieter, upkeep free, and help immensely with energy efficiency.

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