After photo of rollup garage door installation on one piece garage in Newport Beach

Newport Beach CA 92660

CHI 2150 Custom Flush White Garage Door in Newport Beach, CA

Before photo of rollup garage door installation on one piece garage in Newport Beach


The door was original to the home, built in 1936. It was a barn style swing-out walk-through door.


The Challenge

The brand-new owner of the home called us and told us that the existing garage had a non-standard height and width, but we wanted to add a contemporary garage door and garage door opener to it to replace the original non-roll-up opening. He wanted to know if it was even possible to add a current-style garage door.

Inside of garage getting ready for one piece to roll up garage door conversion
A view of the inside of the original 1936 swing-out door.

Our Solution

We suggested that he consider a flush-style garage door for this home because it looks sleek and goes well with a modern coastal home vibe. A flush garage door also makes any space appear standard and not busy. This garage door has texture and no insulation, which you cannot tell from the street, which made it more affordable. The door itself is under 12' wide, but it does not look odd or draw attention to the different size due to the simple design used. We had to resize the opening, and because of the lack of space on the top of the garage, we had to use a special track for low headroom installation. A Genie 1028 garage door opener was added to operate the garage door system.

Image of measuring tape measuring head room for garage door installation
Measuring for low headroom track.

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