silver modern flush steel garage door in laguna beach ca

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Custom Silver Flush Modern Garage Door in Laguna Beach, CA

new construction garage door boarded up in Laguna Beach before install


Faced with a brown, long-raised panel steel sectional door marred by time, the homeowner sought a transformation to rejuvenate their property's facade.


The Challenge

The aspiration was to shift towards a contemporary design, moving away from the traditional aesthetic. This included both a visual upgrade of the garage door and an enhancement of the operating mechanism for improved functionality.

Our Solution

The choice was the CHI model 2717, a sleek, silver-colored steel sectional door featuring a Sterling smooth flush panel design, selected for its modern appeal and the added benefit of polyurethane insulation for energy efficiency. The operating system was upgraded to the innovative LiftMaster 98022 side-mounted jackshaft, known for its space-saving design and superior performance.

Benefits and Features

This update modernized the garage's appearance and introduced a door with superior insulation properties, contributing to better thermal efficiency. The new operating system offered a quieter, more reliable operation, enhancing the user experience.



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