This is a picture of a garage door technician pointing to a garage door opener inside a homeowner's home.
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Is Your Garage Door Stuck Open?

Follow these steps:

1. Do not pull the emergency release until you confirm it is safe to do so. If your springs are broken or cables are off, it may create a dangerous situation and create more damage. If you can confirm that the spring is not broken, pull the cord to disengage the motor and carefully (avoiding putting your fingers in between the sections) attempt to lower the door. It is always safer to use another person's help if possible. To confirm that your torsion springs aren’t broken, look up at the springs, which are located above the garage door opening. You want to look for a gap or space between the coils.

Watch our video: What Does a Broken Spring Look like

2. Override the safety sensors if you think it may be an electronic issue, hold down the wall button, and this will override the safety sensors. Sometimes we bump or break the sensors, and the garage door opener mistakenly thinks something is in the way.

Reminder: Never pull the emergency release cord if you cannot close your garage door. In the wrong situation, it may cause your door to fall quickly or in a hazardous way.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck Closed?

Follow these steps:

  1. Disengage the garage door opener or motor and attempt to lift it by hand. This action is always safe because there is no potential for the door to fall. If it is very heavy, it is best to leave it alone. However, if it is an emergency, you may need a couple of other people to lift it. Be careful to hold it up to get the car out and close it slowly and don’t put your fingers in between the sections or tracks. If the door is easy to lift, it’s ok to use it manually until you have a professional visit.

2. Use the vault release key if the only access to your garage door is through the garage itself and it will not open with a remote or keypad, use the vault release which came with a key to release the garage door.

This is a picture of a garage door technician pointing to a garage door opener inside a homeowner's home.

Did a vehicle hit your garage door, or did you accidentally close it on your car?

Please call us and wait for a professional to assess the situation before operating or moving the door. Otherwise, you may create a more hazardous situation and incur additional costs.

We Can Help With Emergency Garage Door Repair

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