This is an image of some garage door panel samples of various styles and colors at the Entry Systems design center in Laguna Hills, California.

Choosing the Perfect Garage Door Color to Enhance Your Home's Curb Appeal

The aesthetics of your home can significantly influence your property's curb appeal, and an element that often goes unnoticed until it demands attention is the color of your garage door. With extensive experience in the garage door industry, we've observed firsthand how a carefully selected garage door color can transform a home's exterior. Let's navigate together through this color selection journey.

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How to Choose Garage Door Colors

Consider the color of your home. Most people match the color of their garage door to the color of their house or the trim facia boards. Some people like to go from a white door to a black or dark brown door to make that contrast pop.

Remember that if you have an HOA, they may only allow you to have the two most common colors, usually white or almond.

Watch this video to see our Operations Manager explain various color options.

The Importance of Color Choice

A garage door represents a substantial part of your home's facade. Opting for the right garage door color harmonizes with your home’s architectural nuances and boosts its overall charm. Take, for example, a transformation we orchestrated in Newport Beach: a switch from an uninspiring beige to a sophisticated dark walnut made the property a beautiful addition to the neighborhood.

This is an image of a faux wood steel garage door.

Aligning Garage Door Color with Architectural Style

Selecting the right garage door color begins with clearly understanding your home's architectural design. Spanish-style homes, prevalent in our beautiful Orange County, benefit immensely from warm earthy tones or the rustic charm of vibrant terracotta, accentuating their stucco walls and tile roofs. These choices do not just pay homage to the architectural integrity but are also in harmony with our scenic landscapes.

Exploring Current Trends in Orange County

In Orange County's varied architectural landscape, we've noticed a preference for earth tones and neutrals, reflecting our coastal environment's natural beauty in garage door colors. Nevertheless, don't avoid bold colors, which can set your home apart, especially in more picturesque settings like Laguna Beach.

Axolotl door

Selecting a Shade That Complements Your Home

Choosing your garage door color requires considering the existing palette of your home’s exterior, including walls, roofing, and trim. A contrasting yet harmonious color can accentuate architectural details, while a harmonious shade ensures visual coherence. The unique quality of natural light in Orange County also plays a pivotal role in how these colors manifest throughout the day.

This is an image of some garage door panel samples of various styles and colors at the Entry Systems design center in Laguna Hills, California.

Consult with Us: Your Design Partners

At our design center in Laguna Hills, we invite you to explore an array of possibilities for your garage door colors. From panel styles and window options to an extensive collection of color samples, our center is a resource for you to visualize and select the perfect elements for your home. Our team of professionals is at your disposal, ready to provide expert advice tailored to your home's specific needs and aesthetic aspirations.

Professional Consultation at Our Design Center

Visiting our design center offers an invaluable opportunity for personalized consultation. Together, we can navigate the selection process, ensuring that you avoid common pitfalls and arrive at a choice that amplifies your home's appeal. Our extensive experience and your unique vision can converge to create an exterior that stands out for all the right reasons.

Transforming your home to enhance your home's curb appeal through the right garage door color is exciting and rewarding. You can significantly impact your property's aesthetic and value by considering your home's architectural style, staying attuned to current trends, and making informed choices. We encourage you to leverage our expertise and resources at our Laguna Hills design center. Together, we can bring your vision to life, ensuring that your home meets and exceeds your curb appeal aspirations.

Here, you can explore, ask questions, and benefit from a professional consultation. Let's embark on this journey together to unlock the full potential of your home's exterior through strategic garage door colors.

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