After image of garage door panel replacement in Ladera Ranch CA.

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Wayne Dalton 6600 Arlington Garage Door Section or Panel Replacement Install in Ladera Ranch, CA

Before image of garage door panel replacement in Ladera Ranch CA.


The homeowner contacted the garage door manufacturer, Wayne Dalton, after they hit the bottom section of their door with a vehicle. Wayne Dalton referred them to call us because we are an authorized local dealer in their area.


The Challenge

There was noticeable damage to the garage door's inside and outside: it was bowing out and no longer aligned with the section above it. We visited their home and determined the model was the 6600 Arlington design and the replacement panel or section size. The manufacturer advised that an overlay door can be tricky to align a new section with the whole door. However, the homeowner did not want to replace the entire door.

Our Solution

We filled out an overlay dimension sheet for Wayne Dalton to best align the new section to the pre-existing other sections. We confirmed the measurements and ordered and installed the new section. Once professionally painted, any difference between the old and new sections will not be noticeable, and no one will know it was replaced.

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