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Garage Door Section or Panel Replacement

Technically a garage door panel is just the design stamp. Professionals call the entire item a section, it is impossible to replace one panel, but you may be able to replace an entire section, most commonly the bottom garage door panel. Sometimes a garage door panel or section needs replacement or repair. This can often help save you money if done by a qualified professional.

Call us today for a free estimate for any garage door repair or panel replacement, or text or email us a picture of the front and back, including any manufacturer labels present or stickers that identify the model.

The labels and stickers will be found on the side of the sections. By texting or emailing us and image you do not have to pay for a garage door professional to come out just to look, we can tell you if it something we can get. If we are the original installation company, we will have this information on record and order easier. We do not typically stock sections and will special order them and sometimes the manufacturers will also have to special order them themselves. It is not usually a quick turnaround; it may take a month or so. Section replacement is often a better option than replacing the whole garage door, depending on the cost of the door, so sometimes just buying a brand-new garage door will make more sense and sometimes a repair is possible.

Shows garage door installers installing the third garage door section
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    How Do You Measure Panel Sizes?

    The way to measure the length of a panel/section of a garage door is to put a tape measure on one end of the section and measure to the other end across it horizontally. Typically, the length of a section will be exactly 16 feet or 8 feet etc. You may find that the section has been cutdown/resized for a specific opening and it will measure 15 foot 10 inches for example.

    The way to measure the height of a panel/section is to put a tape measure on the section from the top of the section to the bottom of section. You may find it easier to measure the front of the section because of hinges and braces that may be across the backside. The most common sizes are 21 inches and 18 inches, but every brand and material may come in a size relatively close.

    garage door installer is securing the jamb bracket

    Can I Replace a Garage Door Panel by Myself?

    It would be possible to replace most of the panels/sections yourself as long as you can safely secure the lower sections. As soon as you remove a section on a door that is still under tension it will begin to rise because you are lessening the weight of the door and the torsion springs are calibrated to lift a specific amount of weight and you are making the door lighter than normal.

    The biggest problem you will find is actually buying the sections. Most manufacturers are only willing to sell their products to authorized dealers so you would need to find an authorized dealer who is willing to sell the section to you directly. We can help you with this.

    Is it Possible to Replace Garage Door Panels with Windows?

    We are frequently asked if we can replace a solid panel/section with a new section with glass windows. This is not a problem as long as the product is still available. This may change the door's weight, resulting in the need for stronger springs due to the increase in door weight.

    Is it Possible to do a Garage Door Section Repair?

    A section may be functioning poorly, but it looks okay from the street view, but it is just an internal issue. If this is the case, we can put a strut or brace on it, and it can be a good band aid that will last a handful of years.

    Can you Buy Garage Door Panels Separately or Only One Panel?

    Yes, it is possible to buy one single garage door panel or multiple replacement panels or garage door sections separately, however, panels are not universal or something standard that you can find online. It depends on the age of the garage door and its availability. It is important to find the brand and model of the panel and it must still be in production. The measurements must be correct, and the panel replacement must be installed properly.

    Shows garage door installers getting ready to install the final section of the garage door with windows.

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    How Much is a Standard Garage Door Panel?

    A standard garage door panel replacement price depends on the type of garage door, but whatever the door currently costs it will be at least 25% or more because labor will be added to it. On a steel garage door, you can easily have it be anywhere from $400-$1,000, depending on the design, color, and labor costs involved.

    Are Garage Door Panels Universal?

    No, garage door panels or sections are not universal. Some brands may be somewhat interchangeable that might work, but as a professional we always offer a brand specific. So, if you have an Amarr garage door, we will get you on Amarr section, or CHI, or Wayne Dalton, we are going to go to the manufacturer we are not going to interchange them.

    Image of garage door installers lifting black garage door section up for install.

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