Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage Door Cable Repair

A garage door cable is part of the torsion system for your garage door. It takes the tension from your torsion springs and distributes it down to the bottom of the door, which helps it open and close. All of the tension from the springs goes to the end of the cable and attaches to the bottom of the door.

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    Role of the Garage Door Cable

    Garage door cables are crucial for the smooth operation of your door. These cables are part of the torsion system and play a vital role in transferring the tension from the springs to the bottom of the door, assisting in opening and closing the door efficiently. The tension from the springs is directed to the end of the cable, which then attaches to the bottom of the door.

    When to Replace Cables

    It's a good practice to replace the cables when you change the springs, as there's minimal additional labor involved when the springs are already unwound. This is especially straightforward with steel doors, as the cables can easily be popped on and off. For custom wood doors, the process might differ slightly.

    Another typical issue is the cable coming off the pulley, causing the door to hang unevenly. This usually happens when the cables are not equally tensioned on both sides, disrupting the door’s balance as it moves up and down.

    Identifying Worn Cables

    Garage door cables can last a long time—often 15 to 20 years. However, a common sign that cables need replacement is visible fraying or splitting of the wire. If you notice light coming from the bottom of your garage door, this might indicate that the cable is starting to fray or break. Regular inspections can help you identify these frays or splits early, preventing sudden cable failure.

    Why have my garage door cables come off?

    Cables usually come off if you hit something with your garage door when it is closing or opening or if your garage door has started to get too heavy. It is not uncommon to need a garage door torsion spring to be replaced when your cable keeps coming off. Cables can also come off if your garage door is in poor condition and your garage door opener is not running smoothly. Loose cables are often more of a symptom than a root issue because often it is something else causing the issue.

    garage door shut with cables loose on the floor
    Image of crooked garage door hanging after cables have come off.
    Garage door hanging after cables came off

    Can I replace my garage door cables myself?

    We do not recommend replacing your garage door cables on your own. Manufacturers always recommend that homeowners use a professional garage door repair service because cables distribute the power from the garage door torsion springs to the garage door. Therefore, not only are they under high pressure, but there is also always the possibility that the garage door sections can fall. Due to the high tension under which these cables operate, replacing them can be dangerous. We strongly recommend having a professional like Entry Systems handle cable replacement to ensure safety and correct installation.

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    Can I lift my garage door with a broken cable or one that has come off?

    If your cable is hanging loose or wound or caught up on other equipment, it is not advised to move your garage door. This is because moving it may create a more difficult situation for both you and the professional repair service that comes out. For example, some people will try to board it up with some wood to keep rodents or potential thieves out. Often if you are able to get it open, it may be difficult to get it down. It is best not to mess with it, for without experience, you would not know what may cause it to fall or where it may be dangerous to have your hands placed. It is best not to move the garage door at all or try to put the cable back on yourself.

    Image of garage door repair technician fixing the trolley on the rail of a garage door opener.
    This is an image of a toolbelt with hand tools used for garage door repair.

    How do you know when your cables need to be replaced?

    When you see some light at the bottom of your garage, this may mean that your cable has begun to fray or break. Most people don't notice, and they just break, but if you look at the cable and see some splitting or fraying of the wire, this is an indication that you need new cables. If one garage door cable is broken, do I have to replace both?

    How long do garage door cables last?

    Garage door cables usually last 15-20 years.

    This is a picture of a garage door technician pointing to a garage door opener inside a homeowner's home.
    This is an image of a variety of handtools used for maintenance and repair of garage doors and gates.

    If one garage door cable is broken, do I have to replace both?

    If you have one broken garage door cable, we always replace both cables. Cables are sold in a pair because if one cable breaks, the other cable has the same usage and life expectancy, so the other one is likely also to break soon.

    If my garage door cable comes off, will I have to buy garage door replacement cables?

    It is unlikely to need a new garage door replacement cable if your cable has solely fallen off unless there is actually noticeable damage to the cable itself, such as frays, rust, or other reasons to think that it is compromised.

    Image of assortment of hand tools used for garage door repair, mostly wrenches.

    Garage Door Cable Repair FAQ