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The New Wood Door

The New Wood Door

When someone pulls up to your house often the first thing they see is your garage door.  Our garage doors are on display for neighbors, visitors, and all who pass by.  There are many different types of doors that can be installed on your house.  One type that has been popular for many years is the classic wood door.  Wood doors are very beautiful but they can require a bit more maintenance to keep them looking and performing in peak shape.  Wood doors must be refinished or painted every few years.  Humidity, rain, and heat can have adverse effects on a wood garage door.  Wood doors are not always well insulated and they are heavy, which means you will need an operator that can withstand lifting the weight repeatedly.

If you like the look of wood doors but are not interested in all the maintenance that comes along with them you can opt to go with Amarr woodgrain steel doors.  Steel doors do not require the same amount of maintenance as wood doors.  They are better at withstanding the elements and are not affected by humidity, rain, and heat the same way wood doors are.  Steel doors come in a variety of insulation options.  A well insulated steel garage door can keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Another benefit is that you will never need to re-stain or paint your steel door. It’s a guarantee with Amarr’s lifetime paint finish warranty.  Amarr doors are finished with a factory-applied, baked-on coating which will prevent the door from rusting and will keep the finish from chipping.  

Many customers call us asking if we will paint their existing garage doors to look like wood doors. We do not recommend this for two reasons. First of all, painting your existing door loses any paint warranty that comes with the manufacturer. Secondly, the price many painters charge to paint a realistic woodgrain on an existing garage door can be very close to, if not more expensive than, the cost of Entry Systems installing a brand new woodgrain door with a lifetime paint warranty.

There is a considerable price difference between steel and wood doors. With a lifetime warranty on the paint finish, Amarr woodgrain steel garage doors are an excellent choice.

Can you tell the difference?



Stop by our showroom to see if the Amarr woodgrain door is for you! We have a full size walnut color woodgrain door on display. We’re at 26941 Cabot Road, Suite 122 in Laguna Hills, CA

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