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Are you Prepared for a Power Outage? – LiftMaster Battery Backup

This weekend my fiance and I went to visit my parents who live in San Diego.  We arrived Friday evening.  Traffic had been pretty heavy so we were looking forward to relaxing and watching some TV with my mom.  As we were watching we had an unexpected power outage.  My dad works in the evening and was on his way home from work.  Our first thought, after we accessed some candles for light, was wondering how he was going to get in the garage without any power.  Thankfully we had an Entry Systems employee with us and he knew exactly what to do!  He disengaged the motor and lifted the door manually.  The first thing he said was, “Don’t you wish you had a battery backup for your motor?”

Unfortunately my parent’s house was not equipped with a battery backup to use in a time like this.  We saw this weekend how unexpectedly things can change and helpful it would have been to have that battery backup.  Make sure you are prepared for the next power outage by adding a LiftMaster battery backup to your garage door opener!

With a battery back-up on your operator you won't end up stuck in the next power outage.

With a battery back-up on your operator you won’t end up stuck in the next power outage.

The LiftMaster 8550 and 8500 both have battery back up capabilities. For more information about garage door openers, click here.

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No power? No problem.

Using your front door is a thing of the past– most of us go inside through our garage door. Do you even carry a house key anymore? Most don’t.

Last Thursday night we had a power outage here in Orange County that affected over 120,000 homes and offices. (ABC Local) If you were planning on using your garage door or gate during that 3 hour window, you were either locked in or out. We look to our garage doors and gates for security but when the power goes we become trapped.

Here at Entry Systems we received many calls due to the power outage. Our advice– be prepared before it happens again.  We know the only time you think about your gate and garage door is when it’s broken, but you need to be prepared for the unexpected.

My favorite story is from a power outage that happened about a year ago. I know a woman in her 50’s who fortunately had a neighbor who was able (and willing) to climb up the second story balcony to let himself in through the sliding door! If only her door still worked.

We want you to be able to depend on your garage door or gate, even when the power goes out. That’s why we are currently including the battery backup with any LiftMaster 8360 or 8550 garage door opener that is installed. Gate operators that come with the battery back up are the CSW24V and CSL24V. We’re here to help.


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