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VIDEO: How to Program Liftmaster’s 877MAX Garage Door Keypad

Entry Systems Tech Talks: Programming Your 877MAX Keypad

In the first video of our brand new Tech Talks series, Jonathan, our Manager of Garage Door Operations, explains how to program Liftmaster’s 877MAX Keyless Keypad to one or more garage doors or automated gates.

We know security and convenience are essential for you and your family. A garage door keypad is a common device which allows you the peace of mind of a security system without the hassle of having to carry a key or remote around with you. It can be confusing how to operate this device or make it work with you garage door. That’s why we made this videoWhether you are programming your garage door keypad for the first time or you simply feel like changing the code, this step-by-step guide from an Entry Systems professional makes it a quick and easy task.

Here’s an overview:

The Liftmaster 877MAX keypad can program multiple garage doors and automated gates. It works with any color “learn button” on your garage door operator (that’s the button on the machine which pulls your door open).

Programming your 877MAX keypad is easy.

1- Open the keypad and hold the star (*) and pound (#) buttons down until the lights on the keypad start to flash. The keypad will stop flashing and be lit up.

2- Enter the four digit code of your choice on the keypad.

3- Press the “learn button” on your garage door operator & the light next to the button will come on.

4- Hit the “Enter” button on your keypad. You will press it a certain number of times depending on the color of your “learn button.”

For a yellow “learn button”: 1 time

For a purple “learn button”: 2 times

For an orange or red “learn button”: 3 times

For a green “learn button”: 4 times

5- Press the number zero on your keypad, and it will lock in your code.

6- You can test your system by inputting your four digit code and pressing enter. Your system should now run!

It’s really that easy. We’d love to hear any questions you might have, video ideas you’d love to see, or any other general feedback. Make sure to subscribe to our channel and keep up with the content we produce!

As always, if you live in the Orange County, California area we would love to be your go-to garage door service company. Check out our website to learn more about us, give us a call at (949) 495-0835 or stop by our showroom in Laguna Hills!


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About the Entry Systems Tech Talks:

We have launched the Tech Talks series on YouTube in order to make it easier for our customers to better understand the function of their garage door. These short videos will answer some of our most frequently asked questions, introduce you to our incredible team and provide you with the opportunity to take matters of home access into your own hands. At Entry Systems, we want to provide more than just great service to our Orange County clients. We also want to provide the opportunity for homeowners to maintain the important functions of their home in a way that is easy to use and customized to their individual needs.


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