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Save over $200 with the LiftMaster 8550 Complete Package!

Over the past forty years, Entry Systems has had the privilege of servicing garage doors and gates in South Orange County. You can bet that technology has changed quite a bit. Today we are pleased to announce the best deal we have ever offered- more than $200 in savings towards the LiftMaster 8550 Complete Package, which highlights LiftMaster’s new smartphone technology:

FREE 2nd Remote. FREE Keyless Entry. FREE Internet Gateway.

8550 promo photo

To have the newest technology tomorrow, call us today: (949) 495-0835

Click here to learn more about the LiftMaster 8550 garage door opener.

Offer expires September 27, 2013

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How safe is your garage door?

In general, it is thought that products were made better “back in the day.” Furniture was made out of solid wood and steel was used rather than plastic. Over the past 40 years, the garage door industry has only seen improvements with expansive options and security features to allow convenience and safety in every home. The first attempt to make garage doors safe was to require that they reverse when hitting an object on the way down or up. Many garage door openers did not comply with this rule and it was excused with a red warning label.


But–there was a turning point in the early 90’s when new safety standards were implemented. After multiple accounts of children being killed by a closing garage door the law was passed.  All garage door opener manufacturers were required to include safety sensors with every opener sold.  Some manufacturers did not comply with the changes in time and shut down as a result.  It was realized that garage doors needed to not only be reliable but safe. In recent years, manufacturers have gone above and beyond to include even more safety features to make your home as safe as possible.

Below is a statement from LiftMaster, one of the leading manufacturers who’s products we proudly carry:

We are committed to the highest standards of product safety. Over the years, the LiftMaster® brand has led the industry in introducing innovative product safety features. As a company, we have manufactured garage door openers for 50 years with a safety record that ranks as one of the best in the industry.

…In 2008, Chamberlain made the decision to stop supporting the repair of all pre-1993 LiftMaster garage door openers, this includes technical service support and the sale of replacement parts. We believe this decision will provide you with the latest in technology and more safety, security, and convenience features.
To insure the highest degree of safety and customer satisfaction, we believe it is important that pre-1993 garage door openers are replaced, as opposed to being repaired… We believe this decision is in the best interest of our customers, as safety always comes first.
If you have any questions about the safety of your garage door, please give us a call. We are happy to give recommendations and advice at no charge. Annual maintenance and safety checks are recommended and can be scheduled at any time.

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LiftMaster’s New MyQ Technology


We’re thrilled to start selling LiftMaster’s new MyQ technology. It’s so innovative and user friendly we believe within a couple years it will be found in most homes. Our new Liftmaster models 8500, 8550 and 8360 include MYQ technology and these features can be used by simply a buying the Internet Gateway modem and plugging it into your internet router.


Locate the serial number on the modem and login to to set it up. Following these simple steps will give you the ability to open, close, and monitor your garage door from your smartphone or computer, anywhere in the world.


For a one-time fee, LiftMaster’s 823LM Light Switches can also be installed throughout your home to allow you to control your lights throughout your house by smart device or computer. Cox charges $30/mo for a similar service so we are excited to now offer to our customers a comparable service at a fraction of the cost.



Come visit us at our Design Center to get your MyQ Bundle  for only $110 and monitor your garage door with your smartphone today!


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