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Yet another DIY project

Do it yourself projects are all the rage right now.  Personally I love doing projects and re-purposing things.   My mom and I used to do projects together when my sister and I were young and I still enjoy them, as the decorations on my walls will prove.  People are using all kinds of things to make something new and completely different.  Re-purposing a garage door, for example, can turn something that should be considered trash into something brand new and antique looking.

Here are some fun ideas of ways you can use that old garage door as something new:

1) Use your old steel door sections to make raised planters for your vegetable garden.  Spring is just a few months away which gives you just enough time to make them!

2) Looking for a new dining room table?  How about using your old one piece garage door as a table top?  I guarantee none of your friends will have the same one!

3) Another idea is to use your one piece garage door as a headboard.  Refinish your old door,  mount it to the wall, and you have a headboard that will fit on any bed:

4) For some of us our yard is not easily accessible from our garage.  Keeping yard tools in the garage is very common but what if you had a tool shed in your backyard that made all those tools more easily accessible?  Use your old one piece garage door to make a customized shed for those tools.

5) The final idea I have to share is my personal favorite.  For some time I have wanted to have a greenhouse in my yard.  They are fairly expensive to buy so the idea of using garage doors is really exciting and much more cost effective!

When you order that new garage door you have been dreaming about be sure to consider saving the old one to use in a fun, new, DIY project!

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