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Reclaimed Wood Garage Doors Add a Vintage Charm

Upgrading your home with a vintage reclaimed wood garage door adds more than just beauty, it adds value with a 91.5% return on investment.

by Bonnie Joy Massey


Image Source: Barns of Sonoma

It was easy falling in love with “rural” living when I moved to Northern California to study at Sonoma State University. I would run past the vineyards, the Christmas tree farm and my neighbors’ horses, cows and chickens. I would breathe in the smell of manure and freshly baked bread from the bakery down the street (obviously an unusual pairing). But one of my favorite sights was the old dilapidated barns. They were beautiful—full of history. They were worn through and through by storms but still standing.

These structures were a far cry from the buildings I grew up with in South Orange County. I was used to strip malls and Cape Cod or Spanish style two-story single family homes. These old barns had character! They had a past—were well used, well loved. They once provided income (or so I dreamed) for hard-working farmers to support their families for generations to come. Since I grew up in our family business Entry Systems, I have a deep appreciation for small, family-run companies. I felt pride and nostalgia looking at those beautiful, historic barns.

Modern trends utilize reclaimed barnwood to beautify the home.

Naturally, as an artist and a supporter of sustainable living, I’m delighted by the vintage reclaimed wood some homeowners are using for their garage doors. They are visually stunning, and I love the fact they are authentic barn doors recycled for the needs of a modern home. Some of these doors used are over 100 years old!

reclaimed wood garage door

Boost your curb appeal with the beautiful, rustic charm of a vintage reclaimed barnwood garage door.

reclaimed wood garage door

A reclaimed wood garage door is available from Carriage House Door in three colors: Sienna, Umber and Cordovan.









One of our garage door manufacturers Carriage House Door out of Sacramento, California- offers these beautiful doors.

Upgrading your home with a vintage reclaimed wood garage door adds more than just beauty and charm, it adds value. This retrofit project has a great return on investment (ROI). In fact, according to Remodeling Mag’s Cost vs. Value report for last year, upgrading your home with a high-end garage door has a 91.5% ROI. This is one of the highest returns of any single home improvement project. Entry Systems would love to give you a free in-home estimate for a new garage door if you are ready to boost your curb appeal and add value to your home!

About Entry Systems: Established in 1972, Entry Systems, a subsidiary of Laguna Niguel Garage Door Service, Inc., is one of the longest running garage door and gate repair companies in South Orange County. As a family owned business with over 40 years experience, the company has been an industry leader providing unrivaled service since its beginning.

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Amarr’s Coastal Collection

We are proud to announce that we carry Amarr’s Coastal Collection garage door! It is built with resilient vinyl facing and edges on each section, sealing out the weather elements and preventing dents and rust.  The Coastal Collection is perfect for homes near the beach experiencing wear and tear from the ocean breeze.  Available in classic carriage house and traditional designs, these garage doors provide years of maintenance free performance.  Solid vinyl construction of the Coastal doors prevents denting, rotting, warping, and cracking.


Call us today at (949)495-0835 to schedule a free estimate or stop by our office to see a hand sample!

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Serious Curb Appeal: 83.9% ROI

Garage doors rank second, behind only steel entry doors, in the 2010-2011 National Association of Realtors Cost vs. Value Report. The report identifies which products homeowners get the most “return,” or value and usage, for their investment.


Published in Remodeling magazine, the report calculates the homeowner value of garage doors at 83.9 percent of their average cost of $1,291. The figure is based on survey responses from more than 3,000 homeowners who reported their home and remodeling expenditures in the past year.

Dealers and manufacturers told the source homeowners place a high value on garage doors for two main reasons: First, many garage doors (especially new models) can improve energy efficiency and decrease heating and cooling bills. Second, garage doors are often on the front of houses and visible from the street, making them important for curb appeal.

The full report can be viewed at

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