Classic appearance of carriage house doors are available in a variety of materials and designs.

Steel Carriage House Garage Door Image Gallery

Three-section tall barn style garage door designs, instead of four, help deliver a more authentic carriage house or modern farmhouse look. Deception never looked so good. Featuring traditional designs and construction, these doors are available in steel, wood, and fiberglass. The classic appearance and texture of real wood overlay doors without recurring maintenance. These barn door looking garage doors are reminiscent of the Midwestern farm homes, bringing back the nostalgia for rural life and integrating this peaceful style of beauty into our Orange County community.

Below are some examples of these carriage house or barn style garage doors: including faux wood, white and black dark carriage garage doors. Styles with and without windows are available.

Barn Door Style Garage Doors

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Decorative Hardware Options:

There are both heavy-duty wrought iron and farmhouse magnetic garage door hardware available. See the below options.