Entry Systems to the Rescue

Entry Systems to the Rescue

When you have an Entry Systems technician show up at your house you might receive more than you are expecting.  Our technicians are very well trained in everything having to do with garage doors.  They are good guys who genuinely want to help our customers.  Sometimes the opportunity to help with something other than the garage door presents itself.  This story is an example of that.

Not long ago we received a call from a customer requesting service for their garage door.  We added her to the schedule and when the time came, we sent our technician out to see what was going on with her garage and how he could help.  As he was doing the adjustments, the customer’s husband came out to the garage to check on how things were proceeding.  While he was talking with our technician, he became faint and passed out on the garage floor.  His wife became hysterical and our technician immediately began to assess the situation and decide what he could do to help.  Not every one knows this, but this particular technician is a certified paramedic and worked as a reserve fire fighter before coming to work for Entry Systems.  He sat the man up in a chair and had the man’s wife call 9-1-1.  When the paramedics arrived they were impressed with our technician’s knowledge and how he handled the situation.  He never did tell them he is a certified paramedic.

At Entry Systems we take pride in our work.  We have highly trained technicians who love working with our customers.  You never know what kind of bonus you may receive when you have Entry Systems come to service your garage door or automated gate.


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